1 temporary (no permanente).
2 time.
el factor temporal the time factor
3 temporal (anatomy & religion).
1 storm (tormenta).
2 temporal bone (anatomy).
3 persistent rain during several days, continuous rain for over several days, persistent rainy weather, rainy weather.
* * *
1 ANATOMÍA temporal
nombre masculino
1 ANATOMÍA temporal bone
1 (transitorio) temporary, provisional
mano de obra temporal temporary labour
2 (seglar) temporal
poder temporal temporal power
3 LINGÚÍSTICA temporal
nombre masculino
bienes temporales worldly goods
* * *
1) temporal
2) temporary
* * *
1. ADJ
1) (=provisional) temporary; [trabajo] temporary, casual; [en turismo, agricultura] seasonal

empresa de trabajo temporal — temp recruitment agency

2) (Rel) temporal

poder temporal — temporal power

3) (Anat) temporal
2. SM
1) (=tormenta) storm; (=mal tiempo) spell of rough weather

temporal de agua, temporal de lluvia — (=tormenta) rainstorm; (=período lluvioso) rainy weather, prolonged rain

temporal de nieve — (=tormenta) snowstorm; (=período de nevadas) snowy weather

2) (Anat) temporal bone
3) Caribe (=persona) shady character
* * *
1) (transitorio) temporary
2) (relativo al tiempo) temporal
3) <poder> temporal; <bienes> worldly
masculino (Meteo) storm

capear el temporal — to ride out o weather the storm

* * *
1) (transitorio) temporary
2) (relativo al tiempo) temporal
3) <poder> temporal; <bienes> worldly
masculino (Meteo) storm

capear el temporal — to ride out o weather the storm

* * *
1 = storm.

Ex: In another example we find: 361 SOCIAL RELIEF IN GENERAL .9 Relief or aid in emergencies, disasters .91 Earthquakes, storms, hurricanes .92 floods .93 War, civil war .94 Epidemics .95 Famine .96 fires, conflagrations.

* capear el temporal = weather + the bumpy ride, weather + the storm.

2 = provisional, temporary, temporal, transitional, vanishing, perishable, ad interim.

Ex: Three significant products emerged from the research: provisional rules for classing, based upon a standard citation order....

Ex: A fascicle is one of the temporary divisions of a work that, for convenience in printing or publication, is issued in small instalments.
Ex: At the reference desk there are social and temporal pressures that are more unrelenting than in other areas of the library.
Ex: The period 1850-69 was transitional, with rag slowly giving way to wood.
Ex: Librarians have a great role to play in the systematic collection of such material which constitutes a rich but vanishing source for the study of Nigeria's history.
Ex: Fee-for-service programmes can target non-traditional market segments such as pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, and manufacturing firms who regularly need and willingly pay a premium price for perishable medical information.
Ex: The ad interim government of Texas operated from March 16 to October 22, 1836.
* baja temporal = temporary leave.
* barrera espacio-temporal = space-time barrier.
* como medida temporal = as an interim measure.
* corte temporal = time period.
* cualquier trabajo temporal = casual job.
* desarrollo temporal = temporal development, temporal development, timeline [time line].
* de un modo temporal = on a temporary basis.
* dimensión temporal = time dimension.
* embargo temporal = time embargo.
* evolución temporal = timeline [time line].
* marco temporal = time frame [timeframe].
* recorrido temporal = time span [time-span].
* registro temporal de transacciones = time log.
* serie temporal = time series.
* trabajo temporal = casual job.

3 = temporal.
Nota: Referido a la cabeza.

Ex: In particular, it can be observed that the bicycle helmets do not cover the temporal area.

* arteria temporal = temporal artery.
* arteria temporal superficial = superficial temporal artery.
* arteritis temporal = temporal arteritis.
* hueso temporal = temporal bone.
* lóbulo temporal = temporal lobe.

* * *
A ‹arreglo/disposición› temporary, provisional; ‹contrato/trabajo› temporary; ‹oficinas/locales› temporary
B (relativo al tiempo) temporal
C ‹poder› temporal; ‹bienes› worldly
D (Anat) temporal
A (Meteo) storm
capear el temporal to ride out o weather the storm
temporal de nieve
snowstorm, blizzard
B (Anat) temporal bone
* * *


temporal adjetivo
1 (transitorio) temporary
2 (relativo al tiempo) temporal
■ sustantivo masculino (Meteo) storm;
temporal de nieve snowstorm, blizzard

I adjetivo
1 (no definitivo, transitorio) temporary, provisional
trabajo temporal, temporary job
2 (secular, profano) temporal
Rel worldly
II sustantivo masculino storm

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* * *
1. [no permanente] [situación, actividad, ubicación] temporary;
[bienes, vida] worldly;
un contrato temporal (de trabajo) a temporary o fixed-term contract;
este trabajo es solamente temporal this job is only temporary
2. [del tiempo] time;
el factor temporal the time factor
3. Rel [poder] temporal
[tormenta] storm; [racha prolongada de lluvias] rainy spell;
temporal de lluvia rainstorm;
temporal de nieve snowstorm
temporal2 Anat
[hueso] temporal
* * *
I adj
1 (limitado en el tiempo) temporary
2 REL temporal
3 bienes worldly
II m storm
* * *
temporal adj
1) : temporal
2) : temporary
temporal nm
1) : storm
capear el temporal : to weather the storm
* * *
temporal1 adj temporary
un trabajo temporal a temporary job
temporal2 n (tormenta) storm

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